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Leg Avenue Women's Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume, Multi, X-Large

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Queen of Hearts costumes transform even the most lovely of ladies into the most unforgiving monarchs. "Off with their heads!" is the queen's cry for everything disturbing or upsetting. Enjoy dressing as this tyrannical ruler in a sexy Queen of Hearts costume, boldly colored in red, black, and white like the playing cards. Available in full length gowns with exquisite details and fabrics, as well as short and flirty dresses with tempting designs, rule as empress for a night. Pair the Queen with the more level headed King of Hearts costume for a great couples theme. Groups can enjoy dressing as Alice in Wonderland characters, but there is only room for one Queen!

Girls and women can enjoy Wonderland as the Queen of Hearts. With card designs and colorful accessories, Queen of Hearts costumes are bright and fun. Dress theatrical, sexy, or luxurious with a selection of suits and gowns that range from lightup variations of the storybook designs, to extravegant designs based off recent movie releases. With beautiful gowns and sexy dresses, women can choose an outfit that suits their unique style.

Little Queen Of Hearts Girls Costume

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    - A great fun gown that could even be used as a queen of hearts costume with proper accessories. - White taffeta with white sheer nylon overlay. Tiny red hearts throughout.
  • The [Very Busy] Working Artist: DIY: Queen of Hearts Costume

    It is time to take your place as the true ruler of Wonderland when you wear this Luxurious Sequin Queen of Hearts costume. This costume will give you the confidence to give orders to all the playing card guards and maybe even a good shout of “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!” If you pick up this dress be sure to also check out our great Queen of Hearts accessories to complete your royal look.

    You’ll upstage that meddling Alice in this Luxurious Sequin Queen of Hearts Costume. If she’s still giving you troubles, then, “off with her head!”