Pullip / Akemi Regular Size Complete Doll(Released)

Taeyang Pullip and Dal together

Pullip Face & Body Set (Fair Skin)

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Pullip Prunella by Lowenael, via Flickr

Question- What is the purpose of this site?
Answer- One of my primary goals is for it to be as much of an all-inclusive resource for Pullips and company as possible, my goal is to keep it as up to date as possible and for it to be as thorough a resource as possible. I love information, I feel like you can never really have too much information!

Question- What are some other the other doll lines released by Jun Planning/Groove?
Answer: Over the years Jun Planning and Groove branched out and produced some other doll lines, some lines were more popular than others.
Class Mates were produced by Jun Planning. In July of 2004, three dolls were released as a part of the line Merippe, Riria & Takeru. The dolls are approximately 8 inches tall. Class Mate Takeru’s head mold seems to have been reused for J-doll. Read more about Class Mates .
Hestia was a doll line produced by Jun Planning from 2006-2007. Hestia dolls were designed with the idea that the two characters Ribon and Isora were twins, they had the same face sculpt/bodies and eyes but each of the twins had their own personality. Ribon and Isora were simultaneously released in phases with each phase having a different theme, Ribon and Isora would each have their own unique interpretation of the theme. Ten dolls or five phases were released before the line was discontinued. Read more about Hestia dolls .
J-doll is a line of dolls that was originally produced by Jun Planning that continued by released by Groove. J-dolls are top fashion models who travel around the world, their name is based on famous streets which corresponds to their fashion style. J-dolls are are 1/6 fashion dolls and are approximately 10 1/2 inches tall. The line debuted in 2007 and was released up until 2013 when the line was discontinued. A total of 62 J-doll were released. Read more about J-dolls .
Ai Dolls are a line of small ball jointed dolls originally released by Jun Planning, whose released continued with Groove. There were four different facemolds used for releases (three different open eye molds and a closed eye mold). They are slightly less than five inches tall. The line debuted in 2007 and continued until 2013. Read more about Ai Dolls .
Sasha is a line of dolls produced by Groove. with anthropomorphic heads, dolls were released with either a cat or rabbit head. The line debuted in January of 2012 with the simultaneous releases of Lala (rabbit model) and Kiki (cat model). Only eight dolls were produced as a part of the Sasha line, four cat models and four rabbit models. Read more about Sasha .
Pang-ju is a small Chihuahua anthro plastic ball-jointed doll produced by Groove. They are slightly under four inches tall. The first Pang-ju was released in late 2011 and they have been released sporadically since then. Read more about the .

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  • Dal Kleine Innocent World Groove pullip fashion doll in USA
  • Pang-ju Japonica-p​ang Groove mini ball jointed doll fox dog BJD in USA

Adeline - Pullip Chelsea Custom #pullip#doll#hobby

Question- What size eyechips do Pullips & friends wear? Where can I buy eyechips? How do I change the eyechips?
Answer- Eyechips can be bought at , a variety are also available via etsy plus the MIO or Make It Own line also has some eyechips available and can be purchased via or. Teddy bear eyes can be used as eyechips for Pullip but it may interfere with their ability to blind/close their eyes except for Dal/Byul/Yeolume who can not close their eyes anyway.
originally wore 12mm eyechips but the size increased to 13mm starting in mid-2009 shortly after the Type 4 Pullip body was introduced, so if you have a newer Pullip you need 13mm chips.
wears 12mm eyechips.
wears 12mm eyechips.
wears 14mm eyechips, the same size as Blythes.
wears 12mm eyechips.
wear 12mm eyechips.
Requiemart has a fantastic eyechip changing tutorial on her website .

Question- If this site is supposed to be an all-inclusive resource for Pullips why is there information about other Groove dolls? What’s all this weird anime/comic book non-pullip related junk you post about?
Answer- Unfortunately there were not a lot of resources for the other Groove dolls like Ai Dolls so I started compiling information about them as well. While my primary goal at the moment is to be a resource for Pullips, I do have toy interests outside of Pullip so I blog about my other toys as well occasionally.