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Can I Give My Baby Prune Juice?

Prune juice is made using dried plums or prunes, containing many nutrients which can make up part of a healthy diet. Prune juice for babies is frequently suggested as a great treatment for constipation, but parents wonder whether it is safe. It is also normal to wonder about the appropriate dose and how old your child should be.

The amount and type of bowel movement for a baby vary with what he eats and his age. Constipation may start once he starts eating solid foods. When this happens, prune juice for babies works as a natural laxative to encourage soft stools that are easy to pass.

What are the Health Benefits of Prune Juice? (with pictures)

Prune Juice for Constipation and Other Health Benefits

Although you shouldn’t use prune juice for babies under 6 months, you can try diluting one tablespoons of it in water. Once your baby is older, you can give more prune juice at a time. You have to try different dosages to get the right effects and find a taste your child likes. Your doctor can help you determine the dosage.

Instead of buying prune juice for babies, you can make your own natural prune juice with whole fruits. Mix one part of dried prunes and five parts of filtered water and simmer the mixture for three to four hours. Remove the pits, puree your mixture and filtrate it. You can save the leftovers for jam. You can also cook the prunes without their seeds until they are tender. Drain, mash and save the liquid.