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Disney Princess Palace Pets Deluxe Figure Play Set

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Disney Princess Palace Pets Royal Carriage Playset

Disney Princess Palace Pets. Pumpkin (Cinderella's puppy). HD Wallpaper and background images in the Disney Princess club tagged: disney princess palace pets cinderella mulan ariel rapunzel.

The Disney Princess Palace Pets Mini Pets are tiny 1.5-inch collectible versions of the original Palace Pets. There are two sets to collect, each with nine figures. One set includes Meadow, Pumpkin, Sultan, Summer, Bibbidy, Lily, Teacup, Beauty, and Petit. The other set includes Berry, Seashell, Windflower, Beauty, Pumpkin, Blondie, Blossom, Treasure, and Daisy. Each set is sold separately.

Disney Princess Palace Pets - Ariel and Treasure

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Disney Princess Palace Pets - disney-princess Photo

Disney Princess Palace Pets - Belle's puppy Aww, Teacup's lovely; she reminds me of Lady. She must be a little (undocked) Cocker, too. I hope all the other characters love these pets, too...especially Forte with Teacup and Prudence with Pumpkin (and all of them with all of the others, too)...but especially those two because THEY NEED LOVE. ;W;

Enter the enchanted world of the Disney Princess Palace Pets. Meet Pumpkin, Teacup, Blondie, Treasure, Berry, Beauty, Lily, Summer, Sultan, Petit, Slipper, Matey and Meadow! These adorable pets are all different, but each one loves to be cared for and can't wait to go on new adventures with you. Learn how the pets met the princesses, find out their unique talents, and treat them to a delightful day at the Royal Pet

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