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Preschool Soccer: Tips for Coaches and Parents

Fun is foremost in our Preschool Soccer program, designed to set the stage for early returns and a lifelong love of the game. But first things first!

In our program, preschoolers are introduced to soccer in an environment that's safe, structured, nurturing, collaborative and, above all, kid-friendly. Each session puts the fun in fundamentals with games like sharks and minnows, chicken run, soccer dodge ball, steal the bacon and other time-tested, mother-approved exercises and activities.

Our coaches are attentive, compassionate and sensitive to the needs of this impressionable age group. Above all, they are bursting with the joy of soccer and eager to pass it forward.

Put your little kickers in a class of their own today.

I am Qiana Martin, international athlete and owner of Eat Soccer. Are you ready to undertake the challenge of coaching soccer to preschool age children? If so, here's some tips you should keep in mind if you want to know how to coach preschool soccer. For players this age, your practices should incorporate a lot of fun dribbling activities, since dribbling is the foundation of all other skills that your players will learn later. When teaching your players how to dribble, make sure you emphasize that they use a soft first touch. Also it's important to introduce simple vocabulary from the sport. This will help your players to develop a good understanding of the game as well as good soccer habits. For example, use the term, shoot when a player is near the goal, instead of saying the word, kick. Additionally, you should remind your players and parents alike, that kicking is not soccer. Repeatedly emphasize soft touch dribbling as opposed to kicking and chasing the ball. Lastly, your scrimmages should utilize the new ball method, an approach where you the coach have multiple balls at your feet, so that when a ball goes out of bounds, you can simply throw in another ball, and play can continue. By doing this, players are participating one hundred percent of the time in the scrimmage, instead of stopping for throw ins and goal kicks which are unnecessary for this age group. Those were your tips on how you can coach preschool soccer. I am Qiana Martin, international athlete, and owner of Eat Soccer.

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Coaching preschool soccer requires you to keep a few very specific things in mind. Learn how to coach preschool soccer with help from an international athlete in this free video clip.

Preschool soccer parents may be competitive but the pint-sized players just want to have fun. Soccer involves running, kicking a ball and teamwork, and warming up for practice with games is the best way to develop the skills each element of soccer requires. Avoid an emphasis on winning and losing when preschool children take to the soccer field for the first time.