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Remember when you were a little kid and nothing made you happier than rocking your Lisa Frank or Power Rangers lunchbox? Channel that feeling in your grown-up life — less sparkly unicorns, more chic. These 28 lunch bags and boxes will make you the envy of the schoolyard… err, office!

Well to find the answer we have to travel far back in time to a distant land of Tower Record Stores and Total Request Live… the 90’s. Computers were a luxury and the Internet was comically slow and expensive as hell. Record companies were thriving, CD’s were being sold to the masses at $15-$20 a pop and we were eating it up like Dunkaroos in a Power Rangers lunch box.

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    When we were little kids and went to kindergarten, we had lunch boxes. They were HUGE though. Huge. Big enough to fit in a sandwich, a thermos (though we never used the thermos for soup), juice boxes, snacks, everything. They were big, bulky things, and they always had some awesome sticker on them for branding that would make them awesome. They’d all be the same shape, but the sticker and colour would make it so much more special. Ooh! Timmy’s got a Transformers Lunch Box. Khal Drogo has a Power Ranger lunch box! Suzy’s got a stupid My Pet Pony lunchbox, or something. They were awesome, and, come to think of it, we really miss them now! We could totally use them when we go to the coffeeshops to edit for hours.