Walking Dead POP Abraham Vinyl Figure

Funko Pop! The Vote - Donald Trump Vinyl Figure


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Funko also that asks which Stranger Things character they should make a Pop Vinyl figure for next, if it gets the green-light. Options include Barb, Dustin, Dr. Brenner, and even the Demogorgon. Dustin is leading the way with 39 percent of the vote as of August 23. The poll closes later today.

has posted official images for their upcoming Jay and Silent Bob Pop Vinyl Figures. The figures are based on their appearance in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Look for them to hit shelves later this month for about $10 each.

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  • Lena says:

    I, personally would think that I would like a jacksepticeye pop vinyl figure even though Sean has all ready unravelled a jacksepticeye pop vinyl figure himself. Even though I still want one SO FREAKING BAD!!!!

  • Daredevil Pop Vinyl Figure - Daredevil Red Suit

    Having said that, there are a few characters/properties/etc. that Funko is missing for one reason or another (I imagine due to difficulties with rights issues, etc.) Even still, here is a list (in no particular order) of some that I believe should be made into POP Vinyl figures:

    Now, while some people immediately turned on this figure, decrying that it was a “lazy” variant where Funko just ripped the left arm off of the regular Civil War Winter Soldier POP Vinyls figure that was released in the spring–that’s ridiculous and completely untrue.