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There are two common types of pogo shoes. The first type is what I would call “.” These are basic bouncy shoes that allow children to jump a few inches up and down in the air as though they were jumping on a trampoline. Moon shoes are the safest type of pogo shoes for young children (usually recommended for kids age 7 and up).

While jumping stilts are a more advanced type of pogo shoe, and they allow you to perform bigger jumps and more wild stunts, pogo shoes are a product usually designed for young children.

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Pogo Shoes
US Patent Issued In 1976

What do you get when you combine a pogo stick, a unicycle and ugly boots? Pogo Shoes!  These hazardous wonders were designed for fun and diversion.   The diversion could very well be a trip to the hospital.  To start your fun, the inventor suggests you get up (we haven't figured out how yet) and "urge your weight up and down until you bounce clear of the ground."

Now about that landing… These things should be sold with crutches and bulletproof buttocks.  And the best news yet, No Brakes!

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Then there are , which are a hybrid of moon boots and jumping stilts. These types of roller-blade style pogo shoes allow you to run faster and jump higher, but not to the extent of the more professional jumping stilts. Running shoes are a great option for kids between the ages of 8 and up (or for those weighing between).

Balance, skill, and practice is needed to stay upright and perform any type of stunt, but once you get the hang of them, you can run faster, jump higher, and perform all types of new, wild, and crazy tricks with the aid of pogo shoes.