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[Upgraded] PS4 Cooler, Amir® PS4 Vertical Stand Cooling Fan, Dual Charging Station with 14 Slot Game Disc Storage + 3 HUB Ports + 8 Controller Cover Caps , Multifunctional PlayStation 4 Accessory

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Mega online retailer Amazon is at it again with its PS4 discounts: right now they have discounts on a bunch of PlayStation 4 accessories, including the PlayStation Camera, headsets, charging station, and more. Here’s the complete run down of the current PS4 discounts:

When the , there will be tons of third party accessories out there. But most of us will go for the official ones from Sony. And as expected, Sony will offer some of their own, official PlayStation 4 accessories. They’ve revealed two such accessories today.

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    By now you probably have more than a few excellent games in your PS4 library and are looking at ways to expand upon the basic experience with some accessories, right? Maybe you just want to get a look at what’s to come so that you can make plans concerning what to buy next? Whatever the reason might be, the 6 following PlayStation 4 accessories are headed your way soon so now’s the time to figure out just how useful (or not) they might be to your gaming setup…

    Rocketfish have been a solid producer of technology accessories over the past number of years. Largely you’re going to find Rocketfish products at Best Buy, The Phone House or Future Shop. Their products are known for being high quality at reasonable prices. For the PS3 and previous consoles, Rocketfish has released various accessory products including various case, cables and headsets. In the past couple of weeks, we’ve see the rollout of their PlayStation 4 accessories so it’s now time to tell you about them! This post is dedicated to helping you buy and shop for the various Rocketfish PS4 products. We expect this list to grow over the coming months!