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This rare people figure has the Playmobil trademark on his back. In 1990, Playmobil had a birthday club for which my daughter signed up. She got lots of nice loot at first (playing cards with Klickys for the face cards, stickers, a newsletter, discount coupons, etc.), and just before her birthday, she got a keychain of this cowboy figure with chaps, said to be a limited issue. Of course, not needing a keychain, she pulled the chain part off so that she could play with him. The other distinguishing mark on him is thus a hole in his hat and in his head where the chain was attached. Otherwise, he is indistinguishable from other Playmobil people and can use and share the interchangeable accessories.

Children almost always draw people with circular, smiling faces. The originators of PLAYMOBIL took notice - that's why PLAYMOBIL action figures have smiley faces. Manufactured in Germany since 1974, PLAYMOBIL people, PLAYMOBIL buildings, PLAYMOBIL vehicles, and PLAYMOBIL animals have been a reliable source of joy for children.

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Playmobil AIRPORT PEOPLE - Pilot Stewardess Holiday Fig... Playmobil AIRPORT PEOPLE - Pilot Stewardess Holiday Fig...

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As of 2014, there were 2.7 billion Playmobil people in the world, according to the Web site — about twice the population of China. If they all held hands and formed a line, it would circle the globe more than three times. There are so many Playmobil people because kids are wild for them and though that mystifies some parents, they have no choice but to buy them.

Who says that Playmobil People are only for kids? If you had a not-so cool childhood and don’t know what Playmobil People are, they are human toy figures that are 3 inches tall and come with a wide range of accessories: buildings, vehicles, and animals. They usually come in themed sets but also have special individual figures.