Play Kitchen Food using Plastic Eggs

KidKraft Tasty Treats Play Food Set


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The finely crafted details of this play kitchen and food mimic those found in a real kitchen. Movable knobs and dials add to the enjoyment, while doors that open and shut provide plenty of storage for accessories. Add a chef's costume for to complete the magic.

Add on to the kitchen play area a little at a time as your budget and space allow. Modular units make transforming the space easy. Configure the area for large or small playgroups, moving the individual pieces of the play kitchen and food items around to create defined areas for different activities.

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Easy and frugal play kitchen food. | Play Kitchen Food | Pinterest

Natural UV finishes are built to withstand knocks and bangs from children's eager play. Sturdy wooden construction gives each piece strength and enough weight to avoid toppling over. Available fully assembled, these play kitchen and food pieces are convenient and easy to clean.

Challenge toddlers to work together to complete a task. Watch as their explorations help them develop the fine motor skills needed for more complex tasks. Use the play kitchen and food as a backdrop for make-believe play that can translate into real-world skills.