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On the heels of the promotional model business, or AMT introduced model car kits in 1957. , and also started producing model car kits about this same time. Most of these were known as "annual" kits, and were the unassembled kit version of the promotional models or 'promos' representing the new cars that were introduced at the beginning of each model year. As early as 1962, avid British collector Cecil Gibson had even written a book on plastic model cars (Gibson 1962). By the mid-1960s, plastic model kits had become more plentiful and varied, with increased level of detail. Typically, the kits often had opening hoods, separate engines and detailed suspension parts.

I purchase model car lots, plastic model cars car kits in the box or built, any sizes 1/25th, 1/24th,1/16th,1/8th vintage, old, new, collectable, 1950s 1960s thru 2013.

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    I recently came across these couple of exquisitely built and highly detailed plastic model cars from a model car show in Japan. These two Fairlady Z rally cars look really incredible, and it is obvious that they were built by knowing hands…