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Professional Plastics supplies a broad range of industrial plastic balls used in bearings, rollers, and ball seal valves.a wide range of precision ground plastics and rubber balls.

Plastic Balls are Available in the following Materials: Nylon Balls, Delrin-Acetal Balls, Teflon Balls, Polycarbonate Balls, Acrylic Balls, Polypropylene Balls, Glass-Filled Nylon Balls, Polystyrene Balls, PVC Balls, Polyester Balls, LDPE Balls, HDPE Balls, Polyurethane Balls, ABS Balls, PEEK Balls, Melamine/Phenolic Balls, Urea Balls, Polymethylpentene Balls, Nitrile (Buna) Balls, Fluorocarbon Balls, Viton® Balls, Silicone Balls, Neoprene Balls, EPDM Balls, Ceramic Balls, Acetate Balls, PVDF Balls, Kel-F Balls, Torlon Balls, Vespel Balls, UHMW Balls, & Kynar Balls.

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The website contains a catalog of most standard items. 

Here you can find material, size, and technical information. 

We also offer many additional materials and sizes that are not listed. 

Please contact us to discuss your next application.

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The table tennis ball market is the second largest segment in the market in 2015 with a market share of almost 20%. The ball segment is the second fastest growing category in the table tennis equipment market as the replacement cycle of ball is quick. On an average, the ball is replaced every 2-3 sets. Change in the ball regulations by ITTF has a major impact on its growth. According to the new rule, all celluloid balls are to be replaced with plastic balls of 40+ millimeter in all ITTF tournaments.