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Petz Dogz 2 - Nintendo Wii


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In Ubisoft’s Petz Dogz Talent Show and Petz Hamsterz Superstarz, players can make their dogs or hamsters into the stars they’ve always wanted them to be: Care for them, discover their personality and train them in a variety of fun and wacky activities to turn them into talented Petz.

Players can also send their animals to and from these Petz games via wireless inter-connectivity. Send your baby pet from Petz Nursery to Dogz Talent Show or Hamsterz Superstarz to continue to watch them grow and train them to become talented starz! Or breed a talented baby puppy in Petz Dogz Talent Show and send him to Petz Nursery to nurture him.

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Pick a puppy pal from a pack of fuzzy and adorable puppies in Petz Dogz 2! Together, you and your new cuddly companion will encounter a world that’s fun to play in, explore and share.

New Voice Recognition! (Microphone required, not supplied.) Just like real pets, you can now talk to and train your virtual Dogz!

New Costumes, Accessories and Toyz! Each new Play Scene offers more costumes for your Dogz. Pirate hats, animal suits and more! New fun interactive Toyz make your Dogz' adventures more exciting than ever.

Plan Scene Editor and Travel Diary! Create your own Play Scenes with the Play Scene Editor and tell stories about your Dogz' adventures in the Travel Diary.

Introduce Your Dogz to Catz! Buy both Dogz 4 and Catz 4 and your Petz can live and play together.

Backwards Compatible! Owners of previous Dogz can bring their adopted Petz into Dogz 4 for more fun and adventure!