One large hexagon for pattern block set.

Learning Resources Wooden Pattern Blocks (Set of 250)


Six large triangles for pattern block set.

This is great! We just bought some pattern blocks (used) from another homeschooler. Where could I find the frames? I think we would enjoy working within and without the frames.

Is it possible to make a square with pattern blocks? The reason I am asking is because my math teacher got mad at us for not being able to make a square. When she gave us the example, tangrams were used instead of pattern blocks. Can you make a square out of pattern blocks?

Six large triangles for pattern block set.

Materials Needed:
Use the Pattern Block Applet On-Line!
(no square or beige rhombus)
Pattern Block Grid Paper
A Set of Pattern Blocks

Nine large triangles for pattern block set.

Pattern Block Fraction Shapes with Cynthia Lanius: I think Cynthia asks some fun and challenging questions about how various pattern block shapes relate to each other. She offers a different way of seeing them. I would only explore these types of ideas after lots of general play with pattern blocks. Because we played with them so much over the years, it was natural for us to be fascinated by questions like these. If I had just pulled these pages out as assignments to solve, it wouldn’t be the same.

Hi Christionna,
You can find the pattern blocks at a store like Math ‘n’ Stuff in Seattle,
or online from a site like Discount School Supply,