SENIOR SCOUT PATROL NAMES - The Dump - Introduction

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Free coloring pages of paw patrol with names

All in all – quite a success! Our new patrols seem to be working well (although we had a couple of girls away, so I guess we’ll see if the dynamic changes when everyone is there), we have agreed new patrol names (Blue Wren; Brumby; Kingfisher, Possum), and a cheap, interesting, good-for-the-earth (and the bank balance!) activity which let them use their creativity and really work in groups with limited adult “management” – true patrol time!

New Patrols, new patrol names, new PLs and Seconds… what better way to make it mesh than giving them a bunch of cardboard boxes and saying “go for it”?!

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  • Rob Hoitt // April 29, 2014 at 11:08 am // Reply

    There is no rule about Venturers having Patrol Names, and our Crew adopted Molly the Flamingo as our Crew mascot. Molly is emblazoned on our Crew patch and on our Crew T-Shirts.

    We also have a plastic yard flamingo mounted on a staff which we take everywhere we go. We often also gift flamingos to fellow Scouts and Venturers when we are out and about. We’ve arranged to get a flamingo at Scouting events to 12 states now, as well as the UK, Denmark, Sweden and Portugal! At least two National Venturing Cabinet members have been gifted a “Mini-Molly” and the legend continues…

    • Damon R. Allen // January 23, 2016 at 11:49 am // Reply

      I love those Flamingos! When I was a scout, my patrol was called “The BOB Panthers,” spelled: B-Q-B, we named everything in our Patrol “BOB!” Whilst we followed the Patrol Method, when one member of the Patrol became the SPL, he was called the “BOB” King! We pretty much had a Monarchy. It set us apart from the other patrols.

  • Boy Scout Patrol Names Pictures

    Choosing a patrol name can sometimes be a fun process. Usually its a learning experience for the boys in the patrol. They learn how to compromise and make a decision about something important to them. Self-identification. In my scouting experience, we always had non-standard patrol names. Its just the way the troops worked. My first patrol was the dolphins. We squeeked for our patrol cheer. We were supposed to make the patches ourselves but in the end my mom (founder of ClassB) make the patches with oil paint on a blank patch. My next patrol was the lynx patrol. We used the generic bobcat patrol patch and always had to explain we were the lynx not the bobcats :( In both cases, I believe that choosing any patrol name we wanted, gave us ownership of the patrol. We always had great patrol spirit imho. – Eric

    Patrols have used the traditional patches but tweaked patrol names to make it more their own. The Soaring Hawks, the Ferocious Tigers, the Blazing Buffaloes, the Rad Reptiles, and the Hazardous Hawks fit into this category. We have even had the Wild Boars and the Pink Panthers.