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PriorService’s selection includes a nice selection of Navy Aircraft patches and well as patches for Naval Air Stations. Our selection of is large and among our most popular Navy patches. PriorService also offer a nice selection of patches for US Navy Seals. It is no surprise that our most popular Seal Patch is that one worn by the brave men who killed Osama Bin Laden. Our has always been popular but has been so popular we have had to work to keep in stock since 5-1-11.

There are thousands of different patches from the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines Corps and US Coast Guard. People looking for not only include current servicemen and women using them for their uniforms, but also veterans and retirees looking to display their pride in the unit or ship they served on. There is also a large group of collectors who know that patches have great sentimental value and will be valuable to certain people. Military collection shows often feature large patch displays where one can trade or buy the patch that they have been looking.

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    In this era of creativity where everything is about innovative ideas and the power of the human imagination, embroidered patches are no longer an accessory restricted to people in a select few professions, including and the . These days, customized embroidered patches are used in a whole range of applications ranging from the promotion of social institutions to help the poor and hungry to imparting recognition of branded companies. If truth were told, whether you are an active member of a small tennis club or you own a large scale company and you seek to improve your branding value, in any marketing campaign, remain indispensable.

    We use embroidered, die-cut borders on our patches. Die-cut borders create cleaner-looking embroidered patches. It's more work, but the extra step gives our customers the highest quality patches. We make our patches without taking shortcuts and offer same-day shipping on all patch orders. Yes, we actually stock patches ahead of time. You can get your patches in a couple days. Try us. You'll want to buy all your emboridered patches from us. We wholesale our embroidered biker patches to resellers, too. Apply for a for wholesale pricing.