Learning Resources Parquetry Block Super Set with 20 Pattern Cards

Learning Resources Parquetry Blocks Activity set

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Visual-spatial mental rotation is considered one of the most accepted ways to measure visual-spatial imagery. This paper presents a variation and standardization of a parquetry block test that Harry Wachs, O.D., has previously used and espoused as a probe of what he terms as 'visual thinking.' The test consists of a section where the subject is asked to produce matches of patterns made by the examiner. A second section requires the subject to produce horizontal and vertical transpositions of progressively more complex designs made by the examiner. There is also a supplemental match section for the younger or more visually immature child. It was standardized through the testing of 315 children, ages 6 through 10 at two New Zealand schools. The sample consisted of typical distributions of achieving and non-achieving children. The test standardization procedure, scoring and normative data are presented. The theoretical and clinical relevance of the test are discussed.

Encourage creative thinking and enhance visual skills with squares, triangles and rhombuses in six colors. Set of 32 wooden pieces in 10" x 10" work tray with pattern LRS1003: Features: -Even young children get in on the fun of creating and matching patterns and designs.-Ages: 4 and up. Includes: -Set includes 32 pieces in a work Set includes 32 pieces in a work tray and 20 parquetry pattern cards. Parquetry Blocks Super Set 20 Cards 32 Wooden Pieces. $29.99. Quantity: SKU: LER0289.

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Our parquet blocks are supplied unfinished and square-edged, or choose our antique blocks, which have gone through a unique distressing process to give a stunning ‘aged’ appearance when finished using our range of bespoke colours.

Parquetry Block Super Set 20 Pattern Cards, match the colorful patterns, solve the puzzles or create parquetry art – kids love to play with these chunky wooden shapes! 032128 PARQUETRY BLOCKS AND PATTERN CARDS : Match the coloured wooden shapes to the pattern on the board. Excellent for fostering colour and shape Learning Resources LER0264 Learning Resources Intermediate Pattern Block Design Cards, 36 Cards, Gr. 2-6