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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Bust Firming Cream - 4.4 oz


Palmer's Cocoa Butter Bust Firming Cream - Babies"R"Us

Baught this bust firming cream mainly cause i wanted to test using it on my face. I am starting to see lines under my eyes and i have some deep ones on my forehead and im only 22! Came across this when looking at bust creams and i read a review that someone used it on their face and it helped with their wrinkles so thought id give it a go. I have just applied it to under my eyes and as i applied it it felt very cool and it soaked it literally straight away. My skin then felt really really tight. It didnt feel very nice and it looked as if it was pulling my skin and the wrinkles looked very dry. I applied some to my face aswell and it did the same. So i thought il add a moisturiser over the top so i applied some rosehip oil all over my face and my skin felt alot better and not the tightness it did before. Then i put some dr organic rescue cream just a tiny bit under my eyes so they werent so dry and tight. Now my skin feels really soft and lovely but i should hopefully still get the benefits of the palmers bust cream. I will update on how my skin is tomorrow.

As for using it on the bust. It soaked in straight away so didnt massage it in for long. It felt very cool and maybe very slightly tightening. They now feel sort of soft and dry and not really thoroughly moisturised. Good if you dont like being all greasy just before bedtime!I will percivere using it and see how they look tomorrow and update.

Oh also to add it smells faintly a bit like when you open a box of chocolates and u get a slight whiff of it lol Its not as rich chocolately smell as the palmers lotion etc this ones alot more faint. Which is good :) Another point id like to make is i think it might work better on oilyer skin as its quite drying so it might work a bit better. My skins dry/normal and sensitive. Anyways i will carry on updating as time goes on!

UPDATE - Morning after use... Skin feels soft but dry/soft if that makes sense? I cant tell if its really done anything noticeable to my skin yet so i will keep trying as for bust i dont know if i see a difference yet. I will update maybe within a week or two.

I'm a 23 year old with naturally large 32 G breast but Im often insecure about the saggy ness of my breast. They're not saggy now, but I know they can become in the years to come, so I began my quest to find a bust cream that could firm and lift my breast. I brought Palmer Bust Firming Cream and it has really worked for me! I use the product day and night. My breast are very firm and they actually look alittle bigger now. The skin-tone on my breast is even and my breast are slightly lifted now. I'm happy with the overall appearance of my breast. I have been using this product for one month so far. I will continue to buy this product! P.S, it is sticky when you first put it on but seconds later your skin becomes super soft and smooth. It has a great smell.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Bust Cream 125g - Feelunique

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