Also, tell your physician if you smoke before using Orajel.

Oral Analgesic Gel Maximum Strength 20% Benzocaine .42oz

Too low to display

Temporarily relieves pain due to toothaches

Orajel is an absolute MUST in any medicine cabinet. Even for adults! My husband had a bad toothache once so I just kept giving him Orajel until we made it to the dentist and it made him feel a lot better!

When my kids were little we used Oragel too. It is a brand we have always trusted and used for many years. Good to know they came out with a big variety of products too.

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You know – Orajel has come a long way since I had my kids! And – why didn’t I think to use it on a tooth that was bothering me recently? #wasntthinking

I was going to say I hadn’t heard of Oral Gel toothpaste, but when I saw the logo on the tubes, I realized that yes, I have, we’ve purchased it before.