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Speaking with , longtime Optimus Prime voice actor Peter Cullen, a man who is synonymous with one of the most beloved cartoon/movie heroes in pop culture, indicated that he absolutely hopes that Bay returns to direct Transformers 5 – calling the controversial filmmaker “brilliant.” Beyond which, despite plenty of unenthusiastic cinephiles and classic Transformers fans, has also culled an entirely new generation of young fans (), Cullen also has a very personal reason for praising the filmmaker’s work – his son, Clay Cullen (), is one of the stunt drivers on set:

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Optimus Prime Voice Actor / Impression
Optimus Prime Voice Actor / Impression
Black Ops 2 Epic Transformers Voice
Black Ops 2 Epic Transformers Voice

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    At 06, it was announced that original Optimus Prime voice actor, , would reprise his role for the third film. Cullen has commented that Prime is basically the same in the third film as the previous two, and retains the same basic personality.