Meet the Octonauts DVD is not the one pictured here.

Octonauts-Here Comes the Octonauts


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My three-year old is very particular about what he watches on t.v. He has a handful that he will only watch, his favorite is Octonauts on Disney Junior. If you ask him what do you want to watch, typically it’s Octonauts. He has seen them all including the new Octonauts DVD —

Along with the Octopod, I was able to give him an advanced copy of the new Octonauts DVD “Here Come the Octonauts” (available nationwide 1/7).

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  • Yay! You're now following octonauts dvd in your .

    Roadshow Entertainment Australia gave my family a complimentary Octonaut DVD (which I totally wanted — HA!). I was not paid for this review and all views are my own. Read more in my statement

    I surprised my little science lover with an Octonauts DVD and Playset, which I received for review, and you can also enter to win your own copy of “Here Come the Octonauts” on DVD. Learn more…

    My 7 year old son is such a smart kid! He is very inquisitive and curious and loves exploring and investigating things, so anything science-related is right up his alley. He has such a natural ability to learn things, that I try to foster that as much as possible. So when we discovered “The Octonauts,” a show on Disney Junior about underwater exploration and animal discoveries, he was interested right away!