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Obi Wan may not be the best duelist or force user, the best acrobat or the best martial artist or even the wisest jedi ever but that is what makes Obi Wan Kenobi special.

He doesn't make decisions based on emotions but understands emotions are what make people who they are. He is calculating but not afraid to make unorthodox decessions.

He tries to become the best he can be not to show off he is the best of the whole temple. He is the master of learning. I also find him condescending but that is where he gets his humor. I would rather learn from him than yoda from understanding human nature a lot better than any other jedi.

He is a master of every thing he was never a knight he went from padawan to master in 2 episodes people say that he is a total jerk but he's cool carm. And a totally awesome guy this has no part I just LOVE obi wan kenobi so ya

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Not so fast. After days of marinating, I’m convinced: that was all misdirection — too narratively easy for what should be the biggest reveal in this new trilogy. In the following post, I’ll make a reasoned case that Rey is in fact Obi Wan Kenobi’s granddaughter — both because of clues planted in The Force Awakens and especially because it would bring the nine episode series to a much more satisfying emotional conclusion; lending more poignance to the earlier films, including the maligned Prequels.

Obi Wan Kenobi, Sir Alec Guinness was piloting infantry landing craft in the Mediterranean. He joined the Royal Navy. He landed some 200 British soldiers on the beaches of Sicily during the July 1943 invasion of Italy, and went on to ferry arms to partisan fighters in Yugoslavia. During one such voyage in 1944, Guinness’s boat was caught in a violent hurricane off the coast of Italy, and he only narrowly managed to escape.