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Nutramigen with Enflora LGG Baby Formula - 19.8 oz Powder Can (Pack of 4)


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Fortunately, women have another option: formula. Formula is the best alternative to breast milk, and Enfamil Nutramigen baby formula eliminates many of the problems that mothers with cow's-milk-allergic babies experience.

Most importantly for families whose babies have allergies, formula means that mothers do not have to be as careful about what they eat in the fear of transferring allergens or other irritants to their babies' delicate tummies. Some formulas do contain cow's milk proteins, but Nutramigen baby formula is specially made to eliminate that allergen. It is the most pediatrician-recommended hypoallergenic baby formula on the market.

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I am the father of 4 beautiful children, and three of them used Nutramigen baby formula. Now I am not a doctor, but I would consider myself an expert in mixing Nutramigen formula. When we had our first child who needed Nutramigen I was your typical first time dad who did not know exactly what I was doing so I used a lot of trial and error when preparing my son's formula. I tried to put the powder in the bottle and shake it up, mixining it in a spare pitcher, and a couple of other ways, and I always seemed to end up with clumps or baby formula full of foam. That is until a friend recommended to my wife that I try the Dr Brown's formula mixing pitcher.

Enfamil's Nutramigen baby formula is a safe, healthy, and effective way to treat baby colic due to cow's milk allergy. Not only is it a viable nutritional alternative to breast milk containing many of the same important nutrients, but it is also a convenient feeding method, allowing other family members to bond with the baby the way a breastfeeding mother would.