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providing a nursing blanket comprising a cloth member having first and second screening portions and further including an elastic loop expandedly receivable of the mother's cradling arm, said loop affixed at one point thereof to one surface of said cloth member proximate to an edge thereof;

Lay your fabric out on a flat surface and measure out a 100 inch long section of fabric. You will fold this over to make a 48 inch by 36 inch nursing blanket. The extra material will be folded over and sewn to make a solid edge that won’t fray as you use and wash your blanket.

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Referring to FIG. 1 of the drawing and in accordance with the principles of the invention, a nursing blanket 10 for affording privacy to the nursing mother is shown comprising a cloth member 12 having a generally square shape and an elastic loop 14 having a garter-like configuration for releasably retaining the cloth member 12 to the mother's arm. The loop 14 is affixed to the cloth member 12 by sewing at a point 16 on its periphery to a point on the cloth member 12 proximate to one corner 18 thereof. The cloth member can be made of many different light weight, soft and supple materials such as woven cotton or a cotton/polyester blend and measures approximately 30.5 inches (77.5 cm) on a side. The edges can be hemmed or have a fabric binding sewn thereon. The point of attachment of the loop is located proximate to the edge of the cloth or at about 8 inches (20.3 cm) from the edges defining corner 18. The elastic loop 14 is constructed of 3/4 inches (1.9 cm) wide by 14 inches (35.5 cm) long elastic sewn to a fabric backing while the elastic is stretched resulting in the garter-like member when the ends are joined.

Breastfeeding has seen a resurgence in popularity is many parts of the world. Nursing blankets are an essential part of breastfeeding, keeping the mother and the baby comfortable when nursing in public. A nursing blanket fits over the shoulder and chest of a nursing mother to cover her exposed area and keep the baby safe and secure while feeding. Nursing blankets are simple to make and are a great gift for any new mother.