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NUK Fashion Confetti Ducks Orthodontic Bottle and Pacifier Gift Starter Set

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For parents wanting to clean their NUK baby bottles by hand, NUK also offers a selection of. Various models are available, including a with separate brushes for cleaning the interior of the bottle and the nipple. NUK also makes a no-scratch bottle brush with microfiber materials specially designed to prolong the useful life of the bottle, and is contoured to allow for a more effective cleaning. Another option is the bottle drying wand; also equipped with microfiber materials, it is ultra-absorbent to allow for quick and easy drying, and stands upright to avoid unwanted contact with germs.

For parents who are currently in the process of weaning or still transitioning between breastfeeding and bottle feeding, NUK offers products to help. A simple is one option to get a baby used to using a bottle but still allowing easy access to breast milk; it can also help mothers who experience discomfort while breastfeeding. Another option for mothers interested in using a convenient bottle but still using a pump is . Freezer-sealed and self-standing, they are a safe way to store breast milk for future use in a NUK baby bottle.

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    When buying online, a popular place to look for good deals on baby bottles is eBay. Simply go to any page on , type the phrase "NUK baby bottles" into the search bar, and click "search." Or, if parents have already started buying NUK baby bottles, it is possible to search for specific replacement parts, like " " to find the correct item. Parents searching for different accessories can also find a wide selection, and can narrow their search by typing in specific names, such as "," in order to find the exact item they are looking for.

    NUK baby bottles can be specially sterilized in the for the safety of the infant. Proper sterilization is very important, especially upon the first use of a new baby bottle. The sterilizer can also be a convenient way to wash bottles between uses, rather than crowding yet another item into a packed dishwasher.