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Gamers desperate to play Nintendo games like Pokémon and Mario on the iPhone were excited to find out what the first official Nintendo mobile game would be after the Japanese video games giant stated its intention to develop apps for iOS and Android earlier this year, but we now know that it's called Miitomo and looks utterly disappointing. When are Mario, Pokemon and Zelda coming to iPhone? Find out when you can expect to get Pokémon and other Nintendo games on your iPhone by reading on.

If you don't want to wait for DeNA to release games, or you really want to play Nintendo games on your iPhone, you can look into emulation (where you install software that enables you to play ROMs). Please note though, that these methods are far from morally correct as they breach copyright and are often considered to be illegal, so it's something you'll need to consider before you go ahead.

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In the end, it may not matter from Nintendo's perspective. They may make some money off their joint venture with DeNA, and if so, the fact that the games will be Nintendo titles in name only probably won't be an issue for them. For gamers, however, it will feel like Nintendo is giving them little more than a tease; they can have Nintendo titles on the iPhone, but they can't have Nintendo games.

iPhone and iPad users have long wanted Nintendo games to come to the iOS platform, but thus far Nintendo has stayed away from releasing native games for any Apple hardware. That hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from figuring out ways to play Nintendo classics on their iPhones though, which typically that entails jailbreaking a device then installing an emulator from the Cydia store, but WebNES is different. Instead of requiring any downloads, , tweaks, or apps, WebNES runs entirely in the web browser as a full-fledged Nintendo emulator. That means there’s just about no setup required. It works surprisingly well on the iPhone, though it’s slightly laggy sometimes, and should work just as well on the iPad, iPod touch, or any Android too. (Sorry desktop OS X users, but you can use the excellent instead).

To get started playing Nintendo on your iOS device, just head over to the appropriate page on a mobile device: