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The Nintendo NX will be unlike any console the company has on the market, according to new Nintendo President Tatsumi Kmishima. In one of his first major public interviews since transitioning to President of Nintendo, Kimishima to Time's Matt Peckham.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata even said as much when first announcing the console, saying it will incorporate a "brand-new concept." When you take into account the other major change Nintendo revealed during that same event (a commitment to develop smartphone games), Nintendo's 25-year-old dual-pronged strategy of leaning on both a portable and home console could come to a close this decade. Even though the 3DS is currently Nintendo's saving grace, developing a games-only portable device is becoming more and more of a risk in this day and age.

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    With the NX, currently rumors are suggesting that Nintendo will create a console-portable hybrid. The Wii U dipped its toe in letting users take their games on the go by letting them play on a Gamepad as long as they were in proximity to a Wii U console. But if Nintendo creates an /-level system that you can take on the go, then you're playing with power.

    Nintendo desveló el sistema bajo el nombre Revolution en la conferencia para la prensa del E3 2005, mientras que el prototipo del mando fue desvelado por el presidente de Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, durante la conferencia que dió en la edición del 2005 del Tokyo Game Show.