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My youngest son hasn’t experienced a power outage yet, but I know from experience with my two older sons, blackouts can be very frightening for children. To keep our little one calm and preoccupied, our Go Bag contains some of his favorite night time toys and games (crayons, a sketchbook, light saber flashlights, glow sticks, glow bracelets, card games, books and some silly putty).

4. Have some special night time toys that don't need a human on the other end. He sounds smart, so he might like some puzzle type toys. Some mechanical toys have a timer - you could set it to go off when he is likely to wake up and need you like at 3am! Ours chases and carries around a knitted mouse. Whatever you do, choose night time toys that have no bells or noisy components! Take out the night time toys before bedtime and put them out for him, also hide some so he has to go find them. Some people hide dried treats or bits of kibble in toys/cardboard toilet rolls/cupcake liners and place them around the house for hide and seek. Put away the night time toys in the morning so they are always special for night. (I am assuming also that you have a cat tree or similar for him to climb and expend energy - if not, get one).

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