Yay! You're now following nighttime pull ups in your .

Yay! You're now following night time pull ups in your .

Pull-Ups Training Pants Night Time for Boys, Size 3T-4T, 44 Count (Pack of 2)


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My five and seven year old boys are both bed wetters, however, it is genetic and no hope of improvement anytime soon! These are the best so far! Both boys are heavy , which the typical night time pull ups could not hold up to. We still have to change the sheets maybe once a week and yes they are bulky, but they are more comfortable (once you find the right size/fit) than anything else we have tried!!PTC Comment:For more information on bed wetting, we recommend you reading some of our on this topic.

My 6 1/2 year old is still in pull-ups. I think the only advantage of pull-ups over diapers is that they are kind of socially acceptable among the kids. Jennifer Our 6+ year old daughter just had to start wearing night-time pullups. She was wetting the bed on a regular basis and so I was washing the sheets, her quilt etc. everyday. Not only was this tiresome, but nothing we tried seem to help correct the problem. She would sneak in to get drinks before she went to bed, if we got her up early to use the bathroom, she often went in her pants again. This got worse after her baby sister was born a year ago. Anyway, we have been putting her in nighttime pullups for 2 weeks and have found that 1/2 the time they are still dry in the morning, so maybe it is helping? CT The alarm is a moisture detector which clips on the front of underpants. It detects the very first few drops of urine, and sounds a buzzer next to the childs ear. This wakes them up, and then they go to the bathroom. After a while, there is a Pavlovian conditioning linkage - instead of a full bladder leading to a few drips leading to a buzzer leading to waking up leading to going to the bathroom, the full bladder leads directly to going to the bathroom.

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i would try taking her out of the pull ups at night for a week or so and see what happens. my son who will be four in may has been potty trained since he was 2, and i took him out of night time pull ups a few months after that, and he has had maybe 3 accidents, mostly when he was sick...

Anyone still have boys in night time pull ups? One of my twins was trained for awhile but relapsed. The other still has an overflowing pull up every morning. I've tried training him, but he sleeps right through a wet bed all night. I'm going to ask the doctor about it at our next check up, but just curious if I'm the only one sending a consistent bedwetter off to kindergarten.