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The Mustela Newborn Gift Set is a practical gift that any parent would be glad for their baby to receive. The kit comes beautifully packaged in a plastic carrying case outfitted with a blue bow, and the essentials it contains form a complete daily skin care regimen for little ones. Order the Mustela Newborn Gift Set, and you'll have it to your door quickly, or we can ship it right to the door of the lucky recipient of this special gift set.

Featuring a lovely, soothing fragrance, the products in the Mustela Newborn Gift Set are formulated to be as gentle to Baby's skin as possible. All of the formulas are free of phthalates, parabens, alcohol and oils that can trigger allergic reactions in infants. The products are rigorously tested for safety and receive at least 92 percent of their total volume from natural ingredients.

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In the Mustela Newborn Gift Set, you'll find a self-foaming shampoo for infants that gently cleanses without irritating the eyes. The PhysiObebe formula included in the set is perfect for removing impurities from the face and diaper area, while the Hydra Bebe Body Lotion helps to keep Baby's skin silky and soft while providing protection from irritants. Completing the set is the Vitamin Barrier Cream, which forms a thin layer over the diaper area to greatly reduce the risk of chapping and diaper rash.

The Mustela Newborn Gift Set contains four essential daily care products that perfectly meet the needs of a newborns' skin. It also comes with a surprise bonus gift and a product sample to add to the fun. The products are made by Mustella, the number one infant care collection in Europe. Since 1950, has been helping mothers and fathers keep their babies' skin healthy and free of irritation, and this kit is the perfect way to treat Baby to some pampering and introduce his or her parents to the luxury quality skin care collection for infants.