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NEW Nintendo 3DS Models! Thoughts and Speculation!

It doesn't help matters that the New Nintendo 3DS XL looks more or less identical to the previous 3DS XL model, aside from additional inputs and a slightly rounder bevel. The smaller New Nintendo 3DS model avoids this sameyness with interchangeable faceplates — but that smaller version has not been announced for release in North America. And on top of everything else, the new hardware doesn't come with a charging cable, adding additional cost on for anyone who doesn't currently own a 3DS.

While the 2011 model 3DS and standard New Nintendo 3DS model look very different from one another - the more recent variant offering removable cover plates - the larger XL siblings have a little more in common from a purely aesthetic perspective.

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The following explicitly refers to the original Nintendo 3DS model. Some technical details do not apply to later Nintendo 2DS and New Nintendo 3DS models

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The stylus dock has also been uprooted and placed on the bottom edge, which will most likely infuriate those who have become accustomed to grabbing it from the side, as is the case on the standard XL. The stylus is also rather chubby on the New Nintendo 3DS model, and while it's comfortable to hold and use, we're not entirely sure it's an improvement over the one which shipped with the previous XL edition.

While making the choice between the standard New Nintendo 3DS model and its XL variant might be a little more tricky thanks to those collectable cover plates, there really is no comparison between the old XL and the New XL. It's a vast improvement in every single way, from the more appealing case design to the enhanced 3D effect, additional controls and beefier CPU. The only negatives are the repositioned elements - such as the game card slot and power button - but even these are easy to ignore when you realise just how much better this version is.