I think green is a neutral baby color.

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Green, like yellow, is another traditionally neutral baby color. Quite often, gender-neutral baby clothes pair light or pastel green with pale yellow and white. Most shades of green--including kelly green, tea green, mint, celadon and moss--function as neutrals when paired with other colors. More than any other color, various shades of green harmonize well together--possibly because it's the easiest color on the eyes. According to Jessica Strand, author of “Baby’s Room: Ideas and Projects for Nurseries," green calms the nervous system and conveys a sense of balance.

Yellow is the time-honored gender-neutral baby color. When expecting parents don’t know whether they’re having a boy a girl, gifts tend to come in various shades of duck-patterned yellow. The color works quite well for either gender and also pairs well with other gender-neutral colors, like brown, green and white. Used in a nursery, yellow should be kept soft and pale, especially since bright yellow is the most eye-fatiguing color. Pale shades of yellow also pair well with pale pinks and pale blues.

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