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Hier nundas versprochene Review zur Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge. Es handelt sich um einen Dartblaster der Firma Hasbro aus der Rebelle Reihe. Besonderes Merkmal der Sweet Revenge ist (wie auch bei der Hammershot), dass sie einhändig gespannt werden kann. Die Rebelle-Serie ist komplett auf die weiblichen Käufer zugeschnitten.

Die Intro- und Outro-Musik ist von Niklas Drude und heißt "Willys Lady"
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Video review, unboxing, and firing test of the Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge. I cover the externals, operation, firing, and my opinion on the blaster.
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The Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge Dart Kit is a solid offering. Its smooth, jam-free firing is a hit. It's ranges are comparable to the N-Strike Elite blasters. It's form resembles the great Nerf Zombie Strike Hammershot. It can be effectively fired with one hand, allowing for dual wield blasters. The size of the blaster can prove to be a little much for smaller hands, necessitating the use of both hands to reliably prime and fire the blaster.

If you’ll be picking up this Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge Dart Kit for that special little lady in your life, you’ll want to grab some extra darts. For that I recommend the . It has unique designs on the darts and they complement the blaster quite perfectly actually. Also, they are comparable to the Elite series darts and therefore you can count on them for supreme reliability and superior range and distance. This is a very good starter kit to introduce any girl into the fun that is Nerf. It comes with a great stylish blaster, a cool holster with extra dart storage, and a pair of shades. All of that for a , too. That about does it, ladies and gents. (And ladies.) This has been the Nerf Rebelle Sweet Revenge review, courtesy of .