I bought a Nerf Elite Stockade in Toys R’ Us for about 40 euros.

Nerf N-Strike Elite Stockade Blaster

Too low to display

Finally spotted an "Elite XD" #Nerf Stockade m'self… ehhhhh

The form is unchanged from the Barricade, but we’ll go over it anyway. An introduction for the , so to speak. The Nerf Stockade is a revolver blaster. It is more of a sidearm than a primary, due to its size. It’s covered in the cool Elite blues paint, which I have grown to love. It has a huge, oversized muzzle, that I quite like. Up top is a built in sight on the front of the blaster. That was a nice touch. Behind this is the jam door, which slides back to clear jammed darts. Next is a tactical rail mount. The tactical rail is perfect for the . In the middle of the blaster is the large cylinder. It has 10 chambers that you can load darts into. Nice. Behind this is the battery compartment. Directly underneath is the flywheel power switch. The pistol handle is a good size and it feels very comfortable to hold. The sling attachment point at the bottom of the handle is large and very accommodating for different types of connectors. Lastly, we come to what is the biggest difference between the Barricade and the Stockade.: The included shoulder stock. This is definitely the coolest addition to the blaster. Unlike the Recon stock, this one is nice and sturdy. It is able to hold 10 darts, firm and secure, right in the middle of the stock. This is a full reload for the Stockade, in a close and convenient location. Brilliant. This is what the stock could have and should have been.

The Nerf Stockade is a flywheel revolver in a sea of clip fed flywheelers. It is unique. I really like the design of this blaster, with its super oversized muzzle. That stock, though? It's awesome. Simply amazing. Sturdy and super functional, if not a bit short. The Stockade tops the old Barricade in every single way. It's quieter, it shoots further, it looks better, and that shoulder stock? It should get a 5 just because of that. I know people have bought this blaster just for that stock. I'm sure of it. On the other hand, a flywheel revolver? It's going to run out quick and it will take longer to reload. Those clip system blasters will more than likely kick your butt.

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Nerf Stockade Rebuild - Diaries of a Nerf Armourer

Custom modded nerf elite stockade 54v
hey guys this is my first YouTube video!
+6 9v battery's in series
+resistors removed
+elite darts with hot glue filled tip
+led under-barrel light
comment if I can improve my videos in anyway :)

The Barricade RV-10 was a great blaster in its own time. It was one of the first from Nerf. It was also the highest capacity revolver available on the N-Strike line. The Barricade was a great, solid blaster. But there’s always room for improvement, I suppose. Enter in the Nerf Stockade. An Elite replacement for the Barricade. Physically unchanged, except for the blue paintjob. The Stockade was met with much excitement by fans of the original. But did it deliver? In a word, yes.