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The Vulcan is stupidly unwieldy, but it’s also really fun. The Nerf Rampage/Raider is a skinny pump-action rifle that uses a big dumb magazine that goes off to one side, making it ridiculously unbalanced, but it’s also really fun. The Rhino-Fire is well-balanced and feels light even though it takes six D batteries. And because of that it doesn’t really feel as badass as it should.

This is a instruct able to make a purely cosmetic mod to your Nerf Rampage/Raider. To achieve this you'll need:- Some sort of grip like a piece of ...

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Nerf Rampage Vs Raider Nerf raider reverse

The last big change in the upcoming patch is a nerf for Rampage's ultimate ability, decreasing its duration and its health regeneration, hopefully bringing the character's win rate below its current 60 percent.