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A lot more musical, an amazing storyline. The Dazzlings feel likeamazing brand new villains in the movie and feel much darker for theBronies, and the story feels a lot more swell in many ways. Being backin the human world of Equestria feels more fun and more adventurous,plus the score and the songs of this are feeling like they have morepotential and really gives us positive views. My Little Pony EquestriaGirls Rainbow Rocks is way more better than the first one with a brandnew story, more songs, new characters and villains, and a brand newmusical adventure becoming an amazing movie that Hasbro Studios and DHXmedia have made.

There was an error in the first run of My Little Pony Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks that affected the playback. Product sold from this page is from a new, corrected production and is error-free. This product is shipping now.

The error affects all DVD product initially shipped and on store shelves beginning 10/28/14 in the U.S. and Canada. The error causes chapters 5 and 6 to play in reverse when the DVD is played from the main menu ‘Play’ listing. Customers who navigate to the chapters menu and begin playback from the first chapter do not experience the same error and will see the story sequenced as it was meant to be seen. The Blu-rays and the digital copies for sale or included in the Combo pack are not affected, but the DVD inside the Combo pack will also have the outlined error.

This is a very unfortunate error and we are deeply sorry for any inconvenience it may cause. If you have purchased a DVD with the error, please visit . Shout! Factory will be shipping replacement DVDs directly to customers, and replacement product to stores, as soon as possible.

My little pony equestria girls Rainbow rocks

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