Here are the letters that are in the Musical Alphabet.

M is for Melody: A Music Alphabet (Art and Culture)


Musical Alphabet by Helen Lang, £60,

Here are some that you can print with music artwork on them. I printed out letters A-G, representing the musical alphabet, plus 5 additional letters. I cut out the letters and then laminated then.

I used this game today with my beginner, and it is great. She giggled when I unfolded the big long strip of music alphabets! Thank you for your creativity.

The Musical Alphabet | Basics | StudyBass

  • Music Alphabet (#585)Music Alphabet, Thanksgiving, Worksheets 

  • The Musical Alphabet p.2 | Basics | StudyBass

    Nothing fancy with these! Just cards with the musical alphabet on them. I also included cards with the sharps and flats as well. Great for learning the musical alphabet forwards, backwards, and skipping up and down. Also use them for scales, chords, and anything else you can come up with!

    I like to give my beginning students numerous opportunities to work with the music alphabet and ascending/descending patterns before they are introduced to music on the staff. Diligent pre-staff preparation (especially on those pesky descending patterns) really pays off in the long-run.