Yay! You're now following monster high earbuds in your .

Yay! You're now following monster earbuds in your .

Monster NCredible NErgy In-Ear Headphones (Cobalt Blue)


Pure Monster Sound With DNA, you ..

That's not what's inside the Monster Turbine earbuds. Instead, Monster has crammed a driver inside more typical of a bigger speaker—TK. Hence the branding line "in-ear speakers".

After listening to many tunes from both devices, switching between the Monster and Shure earbuds during tracks, the difference between them was startling. The Monster earbuds had a much more natural, lifelike sound. By comparison, the SE210s had a brightness or sharpness that really wasn't appealing. And I have been using the Shures for years without complaint. It just goes to show that sometimes if you break your pattern, it's a good move. Now Monster is a lot like Bose in that you'll pay a premium for their products. Sometimes it's worth it like in this case, other times not. New with iPhone control cost around $150 so there's a hefty difference but I believe it's worth it. I could do without the Gratitude pouches and presentation case, preferring to pay less for the package but perhaps EWF fans will appreciate the souvenirs. Everyone, however, will appreciate the glorious sound they'll hear if they opt for these classy earbuds.
Note: usually I want to know the specs of products I review. In the case of headphones, frequency response is an important one so you'll know they'll handle music's full range—typically 20Hz to 20kHz. Monster doesn't reveal this number, playing the secrets game. In this case, I won't hold it against them as these earbuds deliver where it matters most—great sound.

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    The Monster Turbine earbuds do not sounds like in-ear speakers. I'm not even entirely sure what that would sound like; good headphones have a space to themselves, blasting right out of the pineal gland, but leaving the rest of the body relatively untouched. But they do sound extremely clean and crisp. Not miraculously so, but at least as nice as some models costing in the low hundreds. Bass is round but not overwhelming, although you might Considering that the Turbines and the most shocking thing about the Turbines becomes apparent: these may be a relative bargain from the same company that charges $60 for an HDMI cable.

    If you sweat a lot and have possibly damaged earbuds in the past because of it then the Monster iSport Earbuds should be your next pair. Not only are they sweat resistant, but they are also waterproof, which make them perfect for those beach workouts, also probably where they came up with the name “Immersion.”