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Generic Men People Minifigures Toy (Lot of 20)


Buy this Spider-Man Bulletproof LeYiLeBrick Custom Minifigure. £15.00

This custom minifig has alot of purist elements, and the all black loo is broken up only by the splash of detail from the decal on what I believe is the Lego Batman minifig. the nicest part is the chain gun which, whilst being very front heavy looks the business.

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Buy this Black Symbiote LeYiLeBrick Custom Minifigure. £14.00

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Buy this LeYiLeBrick 2099 Spider-Man Custom Minifigure. £14.00

What is a sax player without his sax – the highlight of the minifig is his beautiful pearl gold saxophone. Just look at the detail that they managed to squeeze into a Lego accessory! This is by far, the most beautiful Lego accessory that I’ve ever had the pleasure of setting my eyes on. From its pearly gold sheen, to the little keys on both sides all the way to the black tip this accessory is a winner. Unfortunately, there’s no back printing for the Sax Player but you know what, you don’t need back printing when you’re this cool.

To sweeten the entire package, he’s even got back printing which shows off his entire overall outfit! This right here is one of the best, most complete minifigs ever featured in the Collectible Minifigures Series.