Miniature Baby Giraffe Ring in Silver Sizes 4 to 9 available

FAO Schwarz Miniature Giraffe

Too low to display

Where can I get a miniature giraffe?

Have you seen the Direct TV commercial with the miniature giraffe called “Opulence, I Has It”? (If not, do yourself a favor and watch it the video link below.) Either way, ladies and gentleman, meet the breeder of those ridiculously-cute miniature giraffes from that commercial…

O.K. I should have read your other posts – but people really? A live miniature giraffe? Research, people, please before you are foolish enough to give out your credit card information. it’s funny, charming, adorable but NOT REAL!!

I dreamed that I had a miniature Giraffe.

We think this is Svetlana, the miniature giraffe

Yay! You're now following miniature giraffe in your .

That's the logo for the in Russia. Touted as the "Finest Purveyors of Miniature Lap Giraffes" in the world, Sokoblovsky Farms has been breeding these tiny little critters for generations. An adult stands a whopping 76 cm (29.9") in height.

OMG I almost had a heart attack! I did not have a dream about a miniature giraffe like you did, but I have always loved giraffes and elephants (hello, Alabama – Roll Tide!). When I saw the first commercial with the miniature giraffe I immediately screamed “I want one!”. I thought for a moment there they actually existed when I read your post. Yes, I am that gullable. Oh well, we can always dream. They did figure out a way to make munchkin cats, maybe someone will make it their mission to breed miniature giraffes! Thanks for the laugh!