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for weeks and now you get to enjoy a brand new version of the Morph mod for Minecraft. This is why Minecraft on PC is the ultimate version and those picking up Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One Editions this Summer will not get to enjoy the same luxury.

Step one in Minecraft is putting up a house for yourself and getting access to the mines. These are the most basic tasks of the game, and they are quite easy to achieve. They will also help you go through Minecraft PS4 with relative ease.

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PS4 owners are finally able to enjoy the mind blowing game in their consoles. The game offers much more than the simple tasks of putting up their 1st houses and crafting a pickaxe. In this new Minecraft, the game actually has an ending. However, the fact that it has an end does not mean that players will be limited in any way. Minecraft PS4 is a worthy investment to make as it comes with a load of benefits for the players to enjoy.

Yes, this glitch is so amazing it only works on Minecraft PS4 edition. This glitch has been around for a while, but it is still hot. You simply create a chest, open the chest, and fill it with anything you want. Get your hands on weapons, armor, and all the stuff you want or need. Want to try out these super sweet glitches? You can get Sony Minecraft on Amazon for $14.99, a 25% off discount.