KOVOT 11-Oz Glass Milk Bottle Set of 12 - Includes Reusable Lids and Straws

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"Stillicious". Richmond Dairy clear glass Pint milk bottle. c1940s

Since Stanpac’s earliest hour we have been providing dairy product packaging to the dairy industry. Back in 1949, we manufactured an array of closures for milk bottles. Since then we have continually expanded our product line and now offer “Everything but the Milk”. Today Stanpac offers a full line of refillable glass milk bottles, a variety of closures, milk crates, and even wire carriers for home delivery.

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Birds Dairy & Farm, Balwyn. Clear glass Pint milk bottle. c1940s

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    Refillable glass milk bottles bring us all back to a time when life was simpler. Today those who choose to bottle in glass bring back those feelings of yesterday when a person’s word was just that. The milk man would drop off your bottles at the door so you would have fresh milk for breakfast. Many dairies across North America are doing just that. In a world where fast just keeps getting faster the milk bottle takes us back to the good old days with freshest products of the highest quality. The way it should be.

    This is a lovely milk bottle from the 1930s. From the Dancers Dairies in Bayswater, this milk bottle was made before the start of the 2nd World War.