Pair of Metal Jacks (Small & Medium sold together as pair) 9"D7"D

Vintage Metal Jacks And Balls My Mom always played jacks with me on the kitchen floor

Jacks Game

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pair of metal jacks

Metal Jacks & Ball Set

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Metal Jacks and Rubber Ball Set


Metal Jacks and Rubber Ball Set

The Jack Armors are the secondary equipment of the Metal Jacks, which are wore over the Jack Suits when facing an extremely dangerous threat. They are transmitted unto the Jack Suits by the Jack Braces when the command "Jack On!" is given. The Jack Armors are actually support robots or vehicles that are dismantled into upper and lower armor, as well as weapons when they transform. When wearing a Jack Armor, the wearer's uncovered portions will not suffer damage even if the armors are destroyed. However, due to the fact that the armors are neurally linked to their bodies, their arms will sustain injuries if they carry too much load.

Traditional playground game of jacks.
Contains 8 metal jacks and a rubber ball in handy pocket size box.
A simple game to play that has stood the test of time and still a enjoyed today.

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Old faithful. 3/4 inch metal jacks and 1 inch rubber ball. Each set individually bagged. Sold by the dozen sets.

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Whether played on a scratchy sidewalk, driveway, step or basement floor, we had hours and hours of fun, didn't we? These 10 metal jacks are from the late 60's. After being idle for so many years, they're ready to be played with once again. Why not get them for yourself or get them for that cherished childhood friend who you used to play with, or better yet get them for your own daughter or grandaughter who has never had a chance to see how much fun it is.

Good, old-fashioned metal jacks, the kind that make your father curse when he steps on them. They are just better than the plastic ones, the weight is right. And the game really develops fine, motor skill!