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The first demon to be destroyed by the Spear Megazord was Slizor.

Commonly known in North America as the original Megazord in the first aired series of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in 1993, the Daizyujin joins the ranks of the Super Robot Chogokin Series. The import of this figure is appropriately timed with the upcoming twentieth year anniversary of the Power Rangers legacy!

"The Megazord looks a lot like Voltron, right? Has that been discussed in geek circles?"
I don't know about online,but I had an IRL friend who more than once,whenever Power Rangers was mentioned,would bitch that it was a ripoff of Voltron,no matter how many times you told him GoLion was in fact inspired by Sentai,not the other way around.
That being said,this kid was not the sharpest sword in the MOTU accessory pack.

Model: Thunder Megazord AKA Dairen'oh by Wewvic, rigged by Zeltrax987

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If you’re ready for this much power, the Thunder Megazord is .

and (the show MMPR was edited from) were both created by a Japanese company called Toei. And it seems, based on by Tsuyoshi Nonaka (chief director of Plex, the company that did the set and costume designs for Super Sentai), the design of the Daizyuzin was indeed inspired by GoLion, among other things (I translated it using Google Translate, and there's a line about the Megazord that says, "(the so-called has a face or animal to toe in yellow and blue of the left and right leg) or poppy tribute to the robot of yesteryear, such as 'the king Goraion beasts'." "Goraion" is GoLion.

Quandary: how do you make a Mega Bloks Samurai Megazord special when you're releasing it alongside other Power Rangers Samurai merchandise? The answer this build provides (and quite satisfactorily): integrate friction joints so it can (literally) run circles around the display-piece competitors. Though it can't separate into the basic Zords (or integrate the $7.99 ones into its construction), the Samurai Megazord offers great posability and stability for its size while staying well-detailed. Not much of a place for the Mega Mode Red Ranger to ride/hang on, but the rebuilds take care of that nicely.