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Halo Mega Bloks Exclusive Set #97117 Forward Unto Dawn

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Mega Bloks Forward Unto Dawn ..

MY COCK UP: It is not the unsc Infinity, it is the unsc Forward Unto dawn as its been confirmed :/ im sure you understand how i got confused as it did look somewhat similar...
Two new images have been released of the new Halo mega bloks UNSC forward Unto Dawn ship. this set is subject to change, but it is absolutly awesome. The price is said to be around $250 - but then the ship is massive - bigger than a fully grown mans arm :3

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Mega Brands Mega Bloks Halo Forward Unto Dawn - Sears

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Mega Bloks Halo Forward Unto Dawn (97117)
$266.99 $160.98

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Ranks 2-11 : Halo UNSC VANGUARD™ Personal Gaming Environment
Ranks 12-14 : Halo Mega Bloks Forward Unto Dawn
Ranks 15-19 : Globe Halo Anniversary X Cruiser Board
Ranks 20-29 : RVBX: Ten Years of Red vs. Blue 14-Disc Blu-ray Boxed Set
Ranks 30-34 : Halo 4 Collector's Edition Die Cast Warthog
Ranks 35-44 : Halo 4: Fuzzy Dice Giclee on paper
Ranks 45-54 : Halo 4 Vigilance Giclee on paper
Ranks 55-74 : Halo 4 Series 1 Action Figure 5-pack
Ranks 75-224 : Halo 4 UNSC Eagle dog-tag

Stay tuned for the last part of this series of articles on the Mega Bloks Forward Unto Dawn model. The last part will show how the two halves come together, how it’s held in place; as well all of the stickers applied, and finally the extra pieces left over (as Mega always allows for), plus what I made with those pieces.