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Minions! Minions! Minions! Yes, we have gone a little minions crazy at Saving Said Simply, and for good reason! The Minions movie is now in theaters and we are bringing all of the action from the big screen to playtime thanks to . Want to know what fun we’re mischievously making? I have 7 reasons your kids will love the brand new Mega Bloks Minions Castle Adventure Playset, the hottest building playset of the summer!

This has got to be the coolest present I have ever bought my son!

The set consists of:
16 huge plastic brick pieces
4 base plates
2 turrets
2 flags
Door frame
Fabric door
Decorative stickers
Pack of chalks

You also get a booklet showing you how to create the castle, plus other uses for the bricks. You can make various other castle shapes, a long wall or even build it around the head of a bed to create a little den at bedtime.

Ten of the bricks are 10" x 12.5" and two window bricks measure 12.5" x 12.5". When built up as in the picture the castle measures 44" from the floor to the top of the doorway.

The stickers make it a lot more fun. You get the ones shown, plus ones for the inside of the castle such as a treasure chest and log fire. You also get a blackboard sticker (hence the chalks).

It is simple to put together and after a few goes you will be able to do it from memory rather than having to keep referring to the instructions. You literally just build it up as if you would with standard Mega Blocks or Lego so it is easy for even small children to do.

The only problem with this toy is the bulkiness of it, especially if you don't have much storage space. We have loads of space and used to keep ours in the cupboard under the stairs but found that we hardly ever used it as it was always packed away.

We have since found a novel use for it. We copied one of the pictures from the instruction booklet and it now makes an unusual fire surround in our living room! It actually looks quite cool and we usually get comments on it.
This means that it is always out and is very easy to just change the shape for a play session; then whip it back into a fire surround when they've finished playing - Plus, my gas fire is quite old and isn't in-keeping with the rest of the room so I'm glad to cover it up!

I love this toy and so does my son, I only wish they had them when I was a child.
The nearest I got to this was a make-shift den, created by draping my duvet over two adjacent chairs, lol!

I would highly recommend the Mega Bloks Castle as it is great fun and is great for developing children's skills as they need to think logically to create the castle, then think creatively to play in it.

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    You know that amazing feel you get when you get a HUGE set of building blocks? Where the box is almost bigger than you? That’s right, this amazing Mega Bloks Minions Castle Adventure Playset has a whopping 786 pieces. I don’t think I’ve ever had a set that big. And with over 300 different types of unique, interesting and exclusive Mega Bloks pieces, my son was so excited to literally touch, examine and build with each and every one of them.

    And if nothing else, this amazing Mega Bloks Minions Castle Adventure Playset gives me “Cool Mom Status,” like for life. I cannot tell you how many thank yous, hugs and kisses this boy has given me since this set made it home. He’s so so so excited to play, and it’s yet another activity where I can tear him away from screen time and into creativity and imagination.