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Fisher-Price Medical Kit


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Medical Bondage Toys FetishToyBox has medical Bondage Toys and Bondage Gear created to Play doctor and take your bondage scene to the next level! Make sure to check out our medical bondage toys.

Shiny pin wheel with black handle for medical fetish. All our medical toys are to be used by consenting adults as a novelty. Great price, incredibly kinky fun!...

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Medical toys have established a solid presence in the medical fetish and bondage [BDSM] scenes. To fulfill their fantasies, medical fetish explorers use a variety of medical toys. However a fantasy involving medical toys usually encompasses a speculum or a retractor, pin wheel, dilator or a sound, a medical gag, utility scissors, rope, tape, forceps, a hammer and most definitely, a subject. All our medical toys are incredibly priced and in stock, ready to be shipped. To be used responsibly and by consenting adults only.

Our staff is engaged in a never ending search for the newest, coolest and most amazing medical toys. We weed out poor quality, knock offs and toys that simply don't work and/or don't provide an enjoyable experience.