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Maria Antoinette shares a tutorial showing how you can DIY a maternity body pillow. It’s much cheaper to make one than to buy one, and you can customize it to your height. The pillow is made in kind of a block-letter-C shape, which allows the pillow to cradle your body as you sleep on your side. It looks so comfortable, why keep it just for maternity? to see how to make one.

When you’re pregnant, you might find sleeping comfortably a bit of a challenge. It can be difficult to find support and a comfortable sleeping position, but these maternity body pillows can help!

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    This pillow is more for stomach support and preventing rolling than for back pain. If you have back pain, this pillow may or may not help. If your back pain is related to the weight of your stomach pulling sideways at night, this pillow might offer some relief. If it's related to hip pain, this probably won't help much. However, you can also sleep with a regular pillow (or a specialty pillow) between your knees, which can provide a lot of relief for lower back pain. I like the combination of a knee pillow and a pillow like this one, because I can still easily change from one side to the other at night, but can't roll flat on my back in my sleep. Most of the large maternity body pillows on the market, which provide knee support as well as tummy/back support, are a) quite expensive, and b) very bulky.

    DescriptionA comfortable sleeping position is not easy to find in later pregnancy without total body support, making the Summer Infant Maternity Body Support Pillow essential. It provides back, tummy and hip support during pregnancy for a comfortable night's sleep, and zips into a unique coil design that creates a snug nest for babies to rest or play in.