Marvel Infinite Series Big-Time Spider-Man Figure

Marvel Titan Hero Series 3-Pack


Marvel Infinite Series Big-Time Spider-Man Figure

Fans want another Marvel Netflix series, but this time, it isn't going to be about fighting crime with in Hell's Kitchen. Fans want to see Thor and Darryl from the video to get their own show. A fan petition has been started to try and get Netflix and Marvel to make it happen.

At the TCA (Television Critics Association) press tour today, Netflix CCO Ted Sarandos spoke about their plans for their Marvel series, on the heels of the successful debut of .

Hasbro Marvel Universe/Marvel Infinite Series 2015 Black Cat Figure

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Marvel’s Beast Marvel Infinite Series 2015 Figure

In this groundbreaking new series, audiences will witness the evolution of Luke Cage (previously introduced in Marvel's Jessica Jones) after he has relocated to Harlem and is in the process of picking up the pieces following his failed relationship with Jessica Jones. Like the preceding Marvel series on Netflix, Marvel's Luke Cage is a gritty, action-packed drama, grounded in the real world with heroes who focus on saving their neighborhood and have their feet firmly planted on the ground.

Hasbro waltzed into San Diego Comic Con 2014 this week and really knocked the socks off of Marvel Legends collectors with their previews of the 6″ Marvel Legends 2015 figures lineup. But for fans of the 4″ Marvel Infinite Series figures, things weren’t quite as peachy-keen. While character selection for the 2015 Marvel Infinite Series is definitely top-notch, the figures themselves that Hasbro has developed are likely to disappoint plenty of collectors…